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Cut Thru the Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutriti

Bobby Dixon,E Dickson Robert E Dickson,: Cut Thru the Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition

Cut Thru the Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition


Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition Robert E. Dickson, BS, MS, PFT An honest guide for men and women who love to eat]but hate to exercise! Even though Bobby Dickson is an All-American, NCAA Champion, Olympic gymnast, and professional acrobat, he has always hated to exercise. Realizing that it is impossible to live a completely happy and fulfilling life without being truly fit and healthy, he has developed this incredible exercise and nutrition program which will get you into amazing shape fast and keep you there permanently. This book unites the sciences of exercise, nutrition, and health with common sense and the more than 40 years of Bobbys practical experience with personal training. Conventional Wisdom says that losing weight is easy. All you have to do is never eat very much and run for a couple of hours every day. Keeping the weight off is also simple]just keep doing this for the rest of your life. What kind of bizarre solution is that? This book does not tell you how to lose weight. Instead, it teaches you how to effectively and efficiently lose body fat. It does not tell you what to eat. Instead, it explains what reactions different foods cause in your body. You then decide for yourself which foods you need to eat and which foods you should avoid for your personal situation. Ingested foods dont just randomly go somewhere in your body after they have been absorbed. The proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are shunted to different places in your body for different purposes, depending on several factors. When you learn how to control these factors, you can finally be in command of your body fat. What you eat and when you eat it greatly determines whether the weightyou lose will come from your body fat, or from somewhere else. This book explains how it is actually possible to gain body fat by eating fewer calories]or to lose body fat by eating more calories. This book contains a complete 12 week exercise program, covering ability levels from beginner to advanced. It also teaches you how to exercise so that you will understand not only what you are doing, but also why you are doing it. Your exercise goal should be to produce maximum results with the minimum amount of exercise! After reading this book you will know the difference between bad and good, between good and better, and between better and best when it comes to exercise, fat-loss nutrition, fitness, and true health. You will then be able to exercise less, but with better results. Outstanding! This is a fun book and an easy read, as well as being very informative. You have written an excellent book that will be a great teaching tool for years to come. I truly hope the public will pick up this book, devour the information, and then apply it in their daily lives. They would be amazed with the results! Judy Gedney, MS, Professor of Biomechanics, Western Illinois U I dont think anyone has presented such a case before and I truly believe it is the right answer for a huge percentage of our population. I completely love the way you have boiled the key information down to a very useable length as well as how you have used a very straightforward, no BS allowed delivery. People need to see how all the BS floating around is only there to take their money, not to help them reach their goals. Neil Schmitt, MBA, All-American, former U. of Iowa gymnastics coach I am thrilled with my results thus far. Ijust went and bought a pair of jeans that are 10 sizes down from where I was at my heaviest. The difference thus far is amazing. So thank you for giving me the tools to accomplish what nothing else has been able to do for me in the past. Staci Hill, Horse Ranch Owner

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Author: Bobby Dixon,E Dickson Robert E Dickson,
Number of Pages: 364 pages
Published Date: 01 Dec 2007
Publisher: CTTC Health Publishing
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780979722509
Download Link: Click Here

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